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What is the KICK START Program?

Jill wanted to make a short-term commitment to see what she could learn in just 28 days. What we love about her testimony is that she listed everything she gained and never once mentioned what she lost (and yet she lost 11 lbs.!).  Well done, Jill!

Like we said above, we refer to the BH KICK START as a “read it and eat it” program and can be mastered by anyone, even if they aren’t interested in losing weight.

Who’s The KICK START Program For?

Lose a “quick 10”  in the next 28 days; people who have a short-term goal tend to love this program the most!

Learn nutrition, food prep, and recipe tricks to "hack" the amount of effort and time to get your body, health, and energy back

Frustrated What Once Worked 
Isn’t Working Anymore?

As Nutrition and Lifestyle Experts we don’t like to say these words “you have to stop enjoying….” and we’ve learned that telling people to stop doing or enjoying something is a sure path to rebellion and failure.  

Although the  BH KICK START is a “read it and eat it” program, there is tremendous freedom of choice built in.  

Our mantra is “there are no bad foods, only bad portion sizes,” and we really mean that.

Stop Waiting For “Monday”

One of the excuses we hear time and time again is that “this is a bad month for me…..I’ll start on Monday...or next month.”  

In truth, this is life and life is always happening.

You have to learn how to navigate the messiness of life and that includes knowing how to eat under any and all circumstances.  
There will never be a perfect time.

“Continued improvement is better than delayed perfection.”

We know what you’re going through
and how to help

We know that not everyone is ready to commit to a long-term one-on-one nutrition program, which is precisely why we created the BH KICK START program back in 2008.  

Folks were asking us “can’t you just tell us what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it?”  

We created this program to show you what you can do in just 28 days when you pay a little bit of attention to how you consume food.  Real food, real results.

Designed by Leading Experts, Tested and Proven with over 75,000 participants

The BH KICK START program was developed in 2008 by Nutrition Expert, Carolyn Fetters for her and her husband’s fitness clients who were seeking a quick body transformation.  Previously working with professional and elite athletes, the program became well known throughout Southern California as the premier program that delivered real results in a short amount of time.  

The BH Advisory Board has now grown into a team of R.D.'s, Nutritionists, Nutrition Specialists and Lifestyle Experts; giving ample opportunities to support people with all aspects of their lifestyles.

To date, the BH KICK START program has run three times per year since 2008 all across the USA and Canada.  Each installment is unique, with seasonal produce and recipes that reflect food that typical families all across North America are already enjoying, but with customization built in.  The program has satisfied over 75,000 particpants.

A Team You Can Trust

Founded in 2013, Balanced Habits is a nationally accredited nutrition program with Fitness Organizations NASM and AFAA. The variety of BH programs have supported over 175,000+ clients in reaching their goals across their network of 300+ food coaches and 150 authorized partner providers in the USA and Canada.

We have coached, educated and certified nearly 300 Fitness Professionals to be Balanced Habits Certified Food Coaches through our education courses and turned them into Nutrition Experts within their specific communities.  We have recently opened up this certification to others to manage our growing force of Food Coaches to support communities everywhere.

 As former professional athletes, coaches, and gym owners, founders Paul and Carolyn Fetters have a lifelong passion around helping others reach their health, fitness, and weight loss goals.

Sadly, it was the loss of Carolyn’s older sister and brother to obesity-related illnesses that really helped Balanced Habits come to fruition. It was the impact of something so preventable that became the catalyst for helping as many people as possible.

After helping professional athletes attain their health and fitness endeavors, Paul and Carolyn knew that helping the majority of the population reach their health and weight loss goals was a much simpler, and more meaningful quest.  Their combined set of skills in the health, fitness and nutrition fields, it was a natural fit to create Balanced Habits.







Certified food coaches


Authorized Partner Providers


How To Get Started




Find an Authorized Balanced Habits provider in your community. Or do the program virtually with BH-HQ if a local provider is not available to you.

Sign up for the KICK START program by the specified dates. Everyone begins on roughly the same date all across North America.

Follow the customized program for next 28 days. Journal each day and check in with your BH Food Coach for support and accountability.


Besides the "quick 10" you will lose in just 28 days, the benefits don’t stop there.  
Imagine how great it would feel to sleep better, have consistent energy throughout the day, better focus, looser clothing, and no more bloating.  

Then imagine along with all those benefits, having continuous support and accountability and the opportunity to meet new, like-minded friends.  

Results You Can Expect With The KICK START Program

Ron had literally failed to notice how he looked, but he realized he was out of control and needed a plan and support to get back on track. Boy did he get it! Ron did a 12 month BH LIFE term and lost over 100 lbs. Best of all, he knows what to do and how to do it now and for the rest of his life.

Leave embarrassment behind and develop a more confident and positive outlook on life.

Be happy and confident with how you look, feel, and live your life.  

Wear the clothes you love (maybe even getting back into your favorite jeans!) again.  

By achieving your weight loss goals and improving the way you feel about your body, your quality of life will significantly improve.

Check out Ron.

I couldn’t miss an opportunity to show you PATRICK.  He had to have a kidney transplant that landed him on several medications and gave him Diabetes.  He gained a ton of weight, got as weak as a kitten and felt awful. He decided to join a local gym and get help with his nutrition. 

Lucky for Patrick, his gym is an Authorized Balanced Habits provider and he got some excellent Food Coaching on the BH LIFE program.  He set some short and long-term goals on his 6-month LIFE term plan. Not only did he reach all his goals, but he was also able to go hiking with his sons on the Valley of Fire State Park near Las Vegas and do more than just keep up!  He also was able to get off many of the medications and is no longer considered a Diabetic!  

 HEATHER used to feel embarrassed about being obese.  She wanted to be a better role model for her young children and feel better while she participated on her Roller Derby team.  It started that she wanted to look good for her brothers wedding but she stayed after it and in 8 months, Heather lost 80 lbs. By learning how to eat real food to support herself and her specific lifestyle.  

Your world doesn’t have to get smaller and isolated.

If food is holding you hostage to this avoidable lifestyle you need the support of an expert.

Reach out for help. We look forward to speaking with you.

What's Next

We encourage you to be an action taker and take advantage of this opportunity. This program is an interactive and fun way to kick start your weight loss journey. Discover what’s possible from learning how to eat real food to get real results.  

There are a lot of programs out there that promise all sorts of miracles, but none of them have been around for over a decade or supported 75,000 satisfied participants.

We feel so good about this program that is only offered 3 specific times each year.

Each installment is a new opportunity to create the change you wish to see.  

KICK START the new “you” today!

Don’t let this month pass you by, because it’s going to come and go no matter what.  

Wouldn’t you like to say that you created massive change instead of wishing you did?  Envision the person you want to see, stop putting it off, likely gaining more weight, buying bigger clothes and feeling physically or emotionally down.  Be an action taker today.


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Some folks do the program just to learn what a portion of food visually looks like.  

People are often told to eat a certain number of small meals throughout the day but what does that look like or mean?  

Enter the BH KICK START.  

Real Food, Real Results

People who want to:

The BH KICK START provides a literal “road map” with built in accountability, support, subtle education, exercise recommendations and more.  

 The “3 C’s” (camaraderie, culture and community) that organically develop from the KICK START is one of the most valuable aspects to this program.

No one expected this to happen, and yet it does again and again.

We know that when you start losing weight, while still enjoying your favorite foods, you will self-eliminate what is not considered “good food” when you’re ready, not when we tell you to.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, add lean muscle, meet with new like-minded people and improve your quality of life, our team at The Training Spot in Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa will help you get there faster than you ever thought possible while having fun doing it! 

The benefits of the Balanced Habits 28-Day KICKSTART are endless. From confidence and self-esteem, to discipline and empowerment, you will start seeing improvement in your mind and body in just 28 days! Once your nutrition is in place, everything else follows. 

The Balanced Habits KICK START Includes

•   A personalized meal plan for 4 weeks 

•   Weekly assessments, guidance & food coaching

•   Tons of awesome recipes, grocery lists, & weekly menus

•   Unlimited motivation and accountability

•   Access to the Balanced Habits App that provides education on nutrition and health

•   Full access to our cardio area, weekly group cardio opportunities, bootcamps and more!

Sign up for only $219 
($249 after September 6th)

“I went from watching people run local 5Ks to running them myself! In 28 days, I learned how to properly nourish my body, overcoming obstacles that had held me back, and literally became a new person. The best part was that during the holiday season, when I typically would have gained weight, I applied the principles I was taught and stayed on track with my goals. I wish I had known it would have been this easy 25 years ago!” - Sandy

“This was honestly the best money I spent on myself in a long time. Once I learned how much I could eat and how often, I soon learned how easy this would be. 

This program helped me lose weight butt it took care of many other problems: I sleep better, I feel much better, I think better and I don’t crave sugar.” - Jill

Check Out Our Short-Term and 

Long-Term Nutrition Solutions

This 28-Day program was designed to show you what's possible by jumpstarting your fitness in a supportive community-based setting.

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This 3, 6, or 12 month program is for those who want to achieve long-term success with one-on-one accountability and guidance. 

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We pair our BH FüdStars (you) with your own BH Certified Food Coach, who designs a customized eating plan to your goals while taking into consideration your lifestyle...etc.

No single plan works for everyone, and we understand how important it is to develop a strategy that makes sense and is easily implemented.

The BH LIFE program emphasizes what we came to call a "Füduation," an education on how to eat real food to get real results.

We don’t rely on products or supplements.

Who’s The LIFE Program For?

Are you ready to lose weight, fit into your old favorite pair of Levi’s so you feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror? (We hear this more often than you’d think!)

Wouldn't it be great to feel in control of what and how much you eat and know how to take care of yourself and your family?

It’s frustrating to acknowledge you’ve lost your ability to perform daily physical activities with ease; Let’s turn that around!

What is the LIFE Program?

Have you failed with your weight loss goals before?

There is so much misinformation and confusion out there regarding weight loss.

It’s difficult territory to navigate with confidence.

With celebrities pushing products or plans, fitness experts telling you what they think you need to be doing….it can be daunting at best.

If you have failed previous attempts at dieting and weight loss it may be because you never had a customized plan to follow or a support system in place to implement lifestyle changes. It’s time that changed.

Stop feeling frustrated and embarrassed by past failures.

It’s not your fault you don’t know how to reach your goals or lack the tools to do it on your own.

Too many folks don’t start, simply because they’re afraid to fail again or are scared of change.  

The truth is it's way easier than you might think to lose unwanted body fat.  You don’t have to give everything up or suffer to lose weight. You just need someone to teach you by providing a Füducation and support by offering you the accountability to reach your goals.  Don’t let fear or a negative mindset hold you back.

It’s time to admit you're finally ready to take care of yourself and acknowledge you need someone to support you through the process.  A Food Coach will make all the difference in the world when you’re ready to figure this out…once and for all.

What's Next

Before doing anything, we encourage you to do some deep thinking about why you want to lose weight.

What would it mean to you and how would it make you feel?

What would your life look like if you had the body of your dreams?

That feeling deep down in your soul….that’s what you need to focus on and work toward.

Remember, we know that losing weight is the simple part.  We can do that together easy enough.

It’s how you’re going to keep that weight off where you need us the most. Now that you’ve identified your true “why,” we encourage you to reach out to us today.

P.S. Don’t continue gaining weight, going up in clothes sizes when you don’t have to.

If you’re feeling out of control, then invest in a coach to support you.  

You don’t have to be embarrassed about your body image, avoid the beach, wearing shorts, going on walks, or even avoiding a vacation.

Speak To A CoachSpeak To A CoachJoin Us Today!

The Next KICK START Begins

September 13th, 2019

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Learn how to create lifestyle changes and never diet again

We are committed to sharing the best ways to make simple lifestyle changes that will allow you to achieve your health and fitness goals. 

This 28-Day program makes it so simple to be successful. Find out how thousands of your OC neighbours have reached their goals with a Balanced Habits personalized nutrition plan and our cutting-edge approach to fitness training.

Get started now by clicking the sign up button and fill out the short form on your screen. We can't wait to show you the difference our Balanced Habits system can have on your everyday life!

Learn from our world class team at The Training Spot in Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa! Whether your goal is to lose weight, add lean muscle, meet with new like-minded people and improve your quality of life, we will help you get there faster than you ever thought possible while having fun doing it! 

The benefit of this plan is endless. From confidence and self-esteem, to discipline and empowerment, you will start seeing improvement in your mind and body in just 28 days! Once your nutrition is in place, everything else follows. It all begins on May 17th!

Join Us Today!

“I began my journey with KICKSTART in May 2017. At that point I was extremely overweight, very nutritionally deficient with several bad habits to change. The Training Spot provided a complete program specific to me that included fitness, nutrition and accountability. I still can’t believe the results I’ve achieved. To date I’ve lost a total of 115lbs! 

I physically feel amazing and have gained the confidence to let my personality shine.” - Laura

“I very quickly felt healthier and had more energy from the way I ate and being more active. It encouraged me and gave me confidence to keep at it. 

I think the difference was the coaching that was provided. It really helped having people to talk to when I was having problems. This is not a diet. It’s a smarter way to eat and develop better habits.” - Ron

“The KICKSTART was the total kick in the butt I needed. 28 Days doesn’t seem like much time, but it was enough to see results were possible. In 4 short weeks I lost 15lbs of body fat. Being surrounded by such an amazing group of people completely shifted my mentality. I could not have done this without the KICKSTART system and The Training Spot Team who knows how to develop better habits to get results.” - Kris

“Balanced Habits KICKSTART provided me with a roadmap, as I call it, that made this journey clear and easy to follow. With these tools in place, you showed me how to properly use each one which ultimately led me to lose 29 pounds in 28 days. The results are amazing!” - Pat

Make consistent progress, even when life gets busy

We encourage you to be an action taker and take advantage of this opportunity. If you have fear, uncertainty, and doubt you can do this. Now is the time to believe in yourself. 

The right knowledge at the right time can transform your life. BUT the right knowledge isn’t going to give you the results. Accountability and the right support system are just as important to get you where you want and deserve to be. 

If you have been trying to lose those unwanted pounds and improve your health without success, you are missing at least one of these components. But you don’t have to… 

Discover what’s possible and let us teach you how to eat real food to get real results.  

There are a lot of programs out there that promise all sorts of miracles, but none of them have been around for over a decade or supported over 75,000 satisfied participants. Now it’s your turn.

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