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Balanced Habits 
Affiliate Program

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3-Day Meal Plan

The 3-Day Meal Plan provides 3 full days of meals that includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. This meal plan will show you that balanced and effective eating does not have to look or taste like typical "health food."

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Smoothies & Salads

This is our newest recipe eBook to give you light and refreshing meal ideas. Smoothies are a great way to get everything you need in a balanced meal while increasing your fill of nutrient-rich fruits and veggies. 

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Pizza Recipes

Lastly, this is one of our most popular recipe eBooks. We created these pizza recipes to show you that you don't have to avoid the foods you love to eat healthy. As long as you are eating the correct balance and portions of macronutrients, family favorites like pizza don't have to be avoided to achieve your goals. 
Bon Appetit!

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Whether your member’s goals include body fat lossmuscle gain, or even improved sports performance you need a nutrition program to solve it. But developing comprehensive nutrition programming can be time consuming, expensive, and difficult to scale. 

Balanced Habits™ provides tested and proven “real life” eating programs that can scale and meet everyone’s unique needs. Since 2013 we have helped fitness businesses launch and grow our programs into full-scale nutrition profit centers. However 2020 created many obstacles for fitness businesses, us included, but our mission of helping health-seekers live a higher quality of life has remained unchanged.

The Balanced Habits™ Affiliate Program Includes

20% Commission on all sales, to earn a consistent passive income.

Training to familiarize you with our programs and the many ways you can get your members started on an accredited nutrition plan.  

Ongoing Marketing Resources like email campaigns, print materials, and digital perks to make it easy to promote your newest profit center.

Dedicated and Supportive BH-HQ Team to ensure your success and evolve with your club as you grow and thrive

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In The News

The New & Easy Way Fitness Clubs Can Provide   

Certified Customized Nutrition Plans

And Profit!   

Customized Plans Designed by a team of R.D.Ns, Nutritionists, & Lifestyle Experts

30 Years of Nutrition Programming Experience

Over 200k Customers Served

If You're Short On Staff, Low on Accessible Cash, and Without the Bandwidth to Tackle Even One More Thing, then You Should Read On... 

Would you like your members to get their best results through a complete wellness program? 

Would you like to be able to provide accredited nutrition services in your club without hiring an expensive Dietitian or Nutritionist? 

Would you like to differentiate your club from your local competitors by establishing yourself as a Wellness Center?

Do you need a way to combat the onslaught of virtual fitness and diet programs that overwhelmed the market this past year?

Are you looking for new programming that can re-engage your membership and improve your bottom line once again? 

We have an easy solution to providing customized nutrition plans to your members so you can add new revenue to your business, establish your club as a Wellness & Weight Management Center that is capable of benefitting from health insurance payouts, and create an overall visibly healthier community

I'm Interested in Becoming a Nutrition Affiliate

2020 was a year of drastic change, especially in fitness... 

but our desire to help people live a higher quality of life remains the same  

No matter the health goal, nutrition is a necessary component to get there.

That is why in 2021, Balanced Habits™ has a much simpler solution to your members nutrition needs through our Affiliate Program. 

You refer a member to us. 
We recommend & service the right nutrition plan for them. 
Your member achieves incredible results. 
You earn a commission from every sale!   

I'm Interested in Becoming a Nutrition Affiliate

Imagine Hiring a Professional Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Without Increasing Your Payroll

How To Get Started




Start by clicking to download the Affiliate Program Report and scheduling a call with a Balanced Habits™ Representative to answer your questions and help you get started. 

Complete the affiliate training to learn about the multiple avenues you can pursue to refer your members and gain access to the sales and marketing resources available to you.

Begin earning from every nutrition program sale. 

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I'm Interested in Becoming a Nutrition Affiliate

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