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Tactics to Stay Relevant During the Gym Closure Madness

1. A Mobile App

  • One of the most common ways to communicate and provide content to members is through an app service. Possibly create an app program specifically for your clients’ current scenario relating to your normal services, current events, and resources.
  • Private Facebook Groups
  • To provide a sense of community and inclusion. If you don’t currently have a private Facebook group for your members, now may be the time to implement it.
  • If you do already have a group- could you grow your community with inactive members, members’ friends; or perhaps create a whole different group for this specific time period and circumstance for relative posts and content.

2.  Equipment Resale

  • Offer to purchase exercise equipment at wholesale prices for use at home while the gym is closed with the offer to buy it back from maximum 10 customers when the gym reopens at 50% of what they paid. You make the purchase and they pay you back. Great way for you to get some new equipment while supporting your members with their home workouts.
  • Equipment Borrow
  • Offer for clients to check-out your mobile equipment, bands, balls, Kettlebells, steps, battle ropes Etc… so they can complete better workouts at home or you can tailor workouts for them with what they borrowed.

3.  Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoTo meetings, FaceTime, House Party App,Facebook Live...etc.

  • Virtual Workouts
  • Virtual Hang-out times
  • Virtual Cooking classes
  • Virtual Happy hours
  • Anything to get them feeling connected, supported, relieved, normal 

4. Complimentary Live Personal Training Sessions

  • 30-minute complimentary live-video personal training session to members and non-members. Send out an exercise questionnaire after they book their session to learn about them and their goals, fitness level, equipment, and any limitations.

5. Regularly Scheduled PT Sessions

  • Live-video personal training session to members at their regularly scheduled session. Send out an exercise questionnaire before your session to learn about their current situation, equipment and limitations.

6. Library Of Online Workouts

  • Record full workouts or separate exercises and post them to your website, social media, YouTube for mass access and support.

7. Library Of Exercise/Nutrition Related Info-Graphics

  • Possibly in combination with the above point so all resources can be accessed in one location.
  • Create or find exercise or nutrition content that you can repost to your social media and/or website for mass access and support.

8. All Open Lines Of Communication

  • Send texts, emails, make phone calls, or private message. If your location is closed, continue to communicate with your members.
  • Divide and conquer if you have a large group; these folks want to maintain normalcy and familiarity.

9. Share Nutrition Content

  • Recipes, kitchen tips, hacks, eBooks, cooking videos....Etc.
  • Whether you create it yourself or recycle outside sources, support clients with nutrition information as well as physical activity.
  • Try to stay general and health/wellness vs. weight loss focused. Many folks are doing their best with an offbeat routine, limited exercise options, and limited food options.

10. Offer a Loyalty Package or Loyalty Perks- To thank them for continuing to pay their dues during the shutdown, what can you offer them in the future?

  • Discounted or Free Nutrition programming?
  • Discounted or Free Personal Training programming?
  • Discounted or Free group classes?
  • Could put an “Expiration Date” on these perks for when things, “normalize”
  • Upgrade their access or membership level to the next tier for lifetime or remaining of their contract
  • Waive fees that are outside of their monthly membership

11. If they do freeze or cancel, what is your re-instatement or “welcome back” plan?

  • This may be circumstantial, but begin considering the options for these scenarios.
  • What is the best and worst case scenarios for both parties?

12. Offer 10% discount on products and offer delivery if you have access to the location and products

13. Offer 10% discount on gift cards

  • You’ll receive money now for service they would likely be purchasing in the future.

14. Get your staff/trainers educated

  • Right now many of us have some extra downtime. If your staff was laid off, or hours significantly cut, are they willing to enhance their education right now with online education?
  • Could you offer to reimburse them a % after you re-open or upon their completion?
  • Sharing this tactic of focusing on increasing all staff education, certifications, and skills for the reopening with your members will get them excited and reiterate that you are taking this time to improve the location overall. You are going to reopen! Stay in front of them, create value, and be there just to support them during this time.

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