Favorite Fruit Tips

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If you have firm strawberries you can trim off the stems then cut them with your egg slicer for perfect slices every time.

Don’t rinse your berries until you are going to enjoy them. If they are the least bit damp they will get moldy in your refrigerator.

How can you make sure to have bananas on hand anytime? Peel them and toss them into a Ziploc bag in the freezer. Pull them out as you need them. You can do this with any fruit that you might like to use to make a smoothie or muffins. When fruit is abundant and inexpensive, prepare for when it’s not!

To make sure you always have citrus fruit to zest on hand, you can freeze it whole in a freezer Ziploc and pull it out to zest when you need some.

To get the most juice from your citrus fruit, firmly roll it around on your counter, pressing it with the ball of your hands to get the juice flowing.

How do you choose a ripe melon? Gently press on each end to see if it’s slightly soft. If you shake the melon you might hear seeds and it should also smell good. Look for signs of it sitting on the ground too long where it might look yellow, which is not a good thing, UNLESS it’s watermelon, in which case this is a good thing! Most of all, smell your melons skin to know when it’s ready to enjoy.

How do you get your family to eat more fruit? Cut it, wash it, whatever it needs, so that they will actually enjoy it! Too much work, they will let it waste.

Have you ever enjoyed frozen grapes? Wash them and toss them into the freezer for a fun and tasty treat!

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