Here We Go Again!

By July 15, 2020 No Comments


Not sure what’s happening in your area, but in the US, several states are once again shuttering all their gyms. Which is extremely disappointing, especially since there aren’t any outbreaks originating from the fitness industry.

In-fact our industry may have bent over further than backward to provide a safe, sanitized and well spaced option to gain the trust of the community they serve.

Fortunately we have learned a lot since March.

During the original mandated closures some clubs were quick to act and provided instantaneous virtual fitness options, while some took a bit of time adapting, and well….some never got on board and just waited it out.

At Balanced Habits™ we have been meeting non-stop with fitness businesses who saw the writing on the wall and recognized they needed multiple virtual services to provide their community to maintain monthly revenue and also become everything their customer needs, especially during this time.

These clubs took their closure time to get staff certified, develop business implementation strategies, and launch provided marketing campaigns for the 28-Day Balanced Habits™ KICK START offer in late spring to coincide with their re-opening. They were intentionally proactive when they had this opportunity to dedicate to their new profit center. Notice I used the word “opportunity.”

They needed a “hook” for their re-opening and we provided the opportunity.

In April, Balanced Habits™ created a 90-Day Trail Partnership to give fitness clubs a taste of what adding in a nutrition-oriented “community event” could do for their business.

And we had such a great response and experience, we’re doing it again!


Here’s the offer-

The goal is for your club to launch the BH 28-Day BH KICK START program to your community this fall. People are lacking structure and routines, especially with their fitness and weight loss attempts. Wouldn’t it be incredible to provide the solution they’re seeking?

We developed our 28-Day program as a 100% virtual option or a hybrid of virtual and in-person, depending on what’s occurring in the world, and the comfort level of your community.

The sooner you can get your trail partnership started, the bigger the impact you can make!

Let us get your team certified, develop your business strategies/sales systems, and launch the provided marketing campaigns!

Don’t delay making this decision, as this is a time-sensitive opportunity.

Let’s rebuild your fitness business together. The opportunity is now.

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