Happy Move-ember!

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I’m sure you have heard of November referred to as “Movember”…maybe not?

Anyway- it was deemed the month of Prostate Cancer/men’s health awareness and in honor of that gentlemen are supposed to shave their beards/mustaches on November 1st, then grow them the whole month of November.

Very catchy idea, great cause, and any awareness raised about a disease is important. So if you hadn’t heard of it, now you have and if you can participate go for it!

We at Balanced Habits believe strongly in the preventative side of illness/disease prevention. Now of course a healthy diet and exercise are not the only factors in preventative medicine, but they are TOP contenders.

So, in light of that, and that we can’t all grow a stache- how about we make November, MOVE-ember. Get it? MOVE.

Ok I am aware- Yes it is getting chilly. Yes the evenings are shorter.

But, yes, your body still thrives for activity and yes, you may still not be at a comfortable or healthy weight, and YES, the holidays are rolling towards us at full speed…which means even less time, even lower priority, and more foods and such to bump you off track.

My encouragement to you is to get moving more- here is how simple we can make it:

  • 10 minutes more of a walk or jog or bike ride.
  • 10 minutes more of cardio at the gym.
  • 1 more round of that circuit with weights.
  • 1 more group fitness class a week. (If you can’t fit that in, stay for 10 minutes post-class for cardio or weights)
  • 5-10 minutes of burpees/mountain climbers/squats/jump lunges- in 1 set or maybe broken up throughout your day – YOWCH!
  • Maybe even sign up for a race or event in the future that you start training for now, in MOVE-ember.

Just MOVE more. Think you can pull that off? I do. You can.

The reason I’m brainstorming for you is because I want you to feel the benefits. I want you to set a goal and succeed.

I want you to feel empowered like,” OH I CAN do that” then you DO IT.

I want you to DO IT- then go “Oh wow I did it- GOOD FOR ME! I can keep it up”

I want you to just get the ball rolling for yourself.

Get in the mindset of “I CAN and I WILL” with your health, nutrition,and fitness, and yes, your weight if you need to.

Talk to me!

It’s November already- and the days are ticking to get your Move-ember-ing started. NEED IDEAS?

Let me know- I’m a real live person here to chat and strategize with you.

Have a fantastic, sweaty, relaxing, empowering MOVE-ember day.

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