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Metabolic Mindset

The most overlooked factor in improving your health and fitness is the right mindset. With simple mindset tools and an introduction to basic nutrition concepts, this 14-Day program was designed to help prepare you both physically and mentally for your commitment to a new and healthier lifestyle. Metabolic Mindset will give you a small sample of what to expect from the more comprehensive nutrition programs that Balanced Habits™ has to offer.  

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A step-by-step M2 Guide, Journal, & Reframing Guide, learn the basics of a macronutrient diet, along with the tools to plan and record your meals so you can gain control of your relationship with food.

  One Live one-on-one coaching session, receive personalized nutrition tips, and a unique fitness gameplan. 

A Fitness Basics Exercise Guide, discover the ideal activity level for your age group and learn some basic exercises to increase the effectiveness of your healthy new eating habits.  

Program Includes...

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Balanced Habits FüdStar Club

We know how hard it is to plan meals, so we've made it as easy as possible. Simply follow your new recipes each month and take the frustration out of trying to figure out how to balance and modify your meals on your own. Balanced Habits FüdStar Club keeps cooking fun and fresh with 12 new recipes every month so you can be successful on your journey to better health.

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The Failproof Food Program

If you're ready to see a significant difference in the way that you look and feel, the FAILPROOF Food Program is where you'll discover how easy and capable you are at achieving your goals. This 28-Day "read it & eat it" program begins with customization so that you know exactly what portion sizes are best for you to reach your goals, and then we provide the tools and coaching to help you successfully navigate your plan each week for the duration of this 4-Week program.

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Guided Booklet, Mobile App, & Journal  to learn the basics of a macronutrient diet, along with the tools to plan and record your meals so you can gain control of your relationship with food.  

Week by week Meal Plans, Grocery Lists, Recipes, & Macronutrient Food Chart to provide you all of the tools to personalize your journey & discover what works best for you.

Personal Coaching to provide the guidance & accountability needed to for you to stay committed to your goals.

Weekly Weigh-ins &  Journal Reviews
 to track your progress & to learn the key areas where you can improve on your journey.

Program Includes...

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Success Toolkit

A balanced lifestyle requires a few tools to get started. Save and get everything you need in one convenient toolkit. 

And as a bonus, we are also including Carolyn's webinar "The Big Reveal Master Class" where she shares her 5 biggest secrets on how to achieve true sustainability through your nutrition. 

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Webinar Masterclass

Recipe eBook Collection

Get these 4 awesome eBooks filled with some of our favorite recipes that make healthy eating fun and easy.

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Pizza Recipes
The 3 Day Meal Plan
Smoothie & Salads
Slow Cooker Recipes

Metabolic Mindset 

Balanced Habits™ 14-Day introductory program designed to get you in the right mindset for serious weight loss, and to prepare your body for better results.  

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The Failproof Food Program

This 28-Day "read it & eat it" program begins with customization, so you get the best macronutrient formula to reach your goals, and then continues with the tools and coaching needed to help you successfully navigate your plan each week.  

Save by committing to all six weeks today! 

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Two in One Platinum Package