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Learn the Ins & Outs of Becoming Essential, the Benefits of Contracting with 3rd Party Payers, and the Importance Nutrition Plays in Outcome-Based Reinbursement Strategies 

In This Workshop... 

Carolyn Fetters Balanced Habits™ (Nutrition)

Since 2013, nutrition expert Carolyn Fetters has been providing comprehensive nutrition programming and training to Fitness Businesses throughout North America. In this workshop Carolyn shares how nutrition fits into the continuum of healthcare, and the significance of nutrition in outcomes-based reimbursement strategies


Vince Pozinski 
Senior Product Director of Optum / United Health / Renew Active (Insurance)

Vince explains how Renew Active works with fitness locations as a third party payer to provide preventative healthcare to Medicare eligible members. 


Brett Hansen Executive VP of Rally Pass

Under the Optum / United Health Umbrella, Brad details the differences between Renew Active and the Rally Pass program along with its unique benefits.  


Craig Cote CEO of Mountainside Fitness

Craig shares how Arizona-based Chain Mountainside Fitness has found success with third party payer contracts and the current state of launching an Insurance Reimbursed Transitional Exercise Programing.


As the President and CEO of Shared Vision, LLC, Lawrence will cover the requirements surrounding essential businesses and the importance third party payer contracts are to an essential business.


Hear from the insurance professionals, nutrition programming experts, and fitness club owners who are leading the way in transforming a more stable fitness industry 

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Presentation Moderator

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Lawrence Furia 
Shared Vision, LLC (Insurance)

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Jon Moriarty COO of Welld Health

Jon gives a thorough overview of how Welld Health helps fitness locations keep secure health data in order to participate in outcome-based insurance programs like Renew Active and Rally Pass. 


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