Program Details

The 28 day KICK START comes with your very own Coach. Here are the details you'll follow to reach your goals.

Start Date

This varies by location, but there is always a KICK START around the corner.  Contact your local Authorized Location or Balanced Habits™ HQ for specifics.

 Participation in the 28 Day Balanced Habits™ KICK START includes Weekly Recipes, Meal & Snack Plans, Food Lists for easy Substitutions, Direct Coach Messaging, an App, Program booklet, Food and Activity Journal and more!

Program Materials

Weekly Accountability

Real time feedback and tips for success will be provided upon every journal submission.

Completing Your Program

When you complete the KICK START with your  Final check-in, your'll receive a comprehensive report with before- after comparisons plus recommendations on how to maintain your results or continue setting and achieving higher goals.